10th Hole

After a refreshing stop at our turn kitchen, you start the back side at Ambassador with a long par four that sports a looming fairway bunker on the right side. With a more than generous landing area, there is no real advantage by trying to carry the bunker. The approach to the green is one of the most difficult on the golf course. The entire left side of the green is protected by our deepest bunkers. Proper club selection and accuracy on your approach is of the utmost importance as the greenside bunkers make for a tough test. With the depth of the green, there can be a three club difference from the fairway. The hole normally plays int the prevailing wind. Par is a good score.

  • Black:  452
  • Gold:  412
  • Pewter:  390
  • Ivory: 364

Men:  4

Women: 4

Tee times can be booked up to 7 days in advance.