4th Hole

The 4th hole is where the golf course really starts to show its teeth.  The difficult par 4 from the tee is visually daunting, due to the seemingly “sliver-like” landing area.  This landing area visually widens out as you move forward on the teeing ground.  The right side of the fairway is guarded by large inviting bunkers and thick fescue grass.  Proper club selection and a non-aggressive target line will be imperative to keeping the ball in play off the tee. 

Your approach shot must carry all the way to the green to stay aboard.  A drastic drop off the front of the green will surely take the putter out of your hands.  The fourth green is quite wide so make sure that you are aware of where the pin is located and that you are on the correct side of the green or you could face a very long first putt.

4th hole rendering
  • Black:  387
  • Gold:  355
  • Pewter:  301
  • Ivory: 257

Men:  7

Women:  13

Tee times can be booked up to 7 days in advance.