5th Hole

The 5th hole is the shortest par 3 on the golf course.  It plays 91 yards from the forward tee to 188 yards up the hill from the championship tee.  The swirling winds can really play tricks with your ball flight here.  Keeping the ball down is often the shot of choice.  It is a demanding hole with deep bunkers surrounding the green as well as some fescue grass as well.  An errant tee shot here will make for a difficult up and down.  The green has a false front so make sure that you take enough club to carry this.  With a severely sloping green from back to front even an accurate tee shots can get away from you and a two putt is not always guaranteed.

5th hole rendering
  • Black:  188
  • Gold:  180
  • Pewter:  159
  • Ivory: 91

Men:  11

Women:  17

Tee times can be booked up to 7 days in advance.