8th Hole

The 8th hole is the second of two par 3s on the front side at Ambassador.  Although the yardage is nearly the same as the fifth hole, the eighth also requires an accurate tee shot to the green.  From 118 yards at the forward tee position to 189 yards at the back tees the eighth hole is a great par three.  The green and its surroundings are very treacherous.  If you are going to bail out it is best to be short and left as there is a very deep bunker to the right of the green.  There is also a hazard to the right of that bunker.  This undulating green slopes from back to front and requires a wise club selection at the teeing ground

8th hole rendering
  • Black:  189
  • Gold:  177
  • Pewter:  149
  • Ivory: 118

Men:  15

Women: 15

Tee times can be booked up to 7 days in advance.